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The University of Toronto in consultation with Toronto Public Health has become aware of some health information that it wishes to communicate to certain of its students, staff and faculty. Along with the University of Toronto, TST is proud to welcome, educate and host individuals from West Africa. We wish to express our sympathy to those from the region who have been affected by the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa. For students, staff and faculty who have family and friends in West Africa, we recognize this must be a difficult time. Students who require support during this difficult time may be eligible to use the University of Toronto on campus counselling services – call 416-978-8070.

Information on the Ebola virus, its symptoms and how it is transmitted can be found on The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website at According to the Public Health Agency of Canada "there are no confirmed cases of Ebola in Canada, and the risk to Canadians remains very low." It is also important to note that just because someone has travelled to or from the countries in West Africa, it does not mean they have Ebola.

Students arriving/returning from West Africa, who are well, should attend classes and other university activities as usual. However, if you are arriving from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone or Nigeria and you are showing symptoms, as outlined in the website link above, within three weeks after your return to Canada, you should seek medical attention immediately from the hospital, telling them you have travelled to a region where Ebola virus disease was present.

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