The Book of Psalms: a Spiritual Lifeline in Christian History and Tradition

WYB2260HS  L6101
Offered in Winter 2010  ·  Previously offered in Summer 2008 · Online Course

An interactive investigation of the biblical Book of Psalms, with special emphasis on how the Psalms have been, and can be, applied to the devotional life of a Christian. The course will consider the psalms in their historical and canonical context. It will consider also the role of the Psalms in the devotional life of the canonical King David, Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and selected Christian men (incl. Martin Luther) and women throughout the ages. Particular attention will be given to the issue of how best in light of contemporary scholarship to apply the Psalms faithfully and reasonably to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Quizzes, rhetorical study, reading summaries, and discussion.

Schedule: Online Course · Begins: · Ends:
Instructors: J. Glen Taylor
Other Information: Second Semester · One Credit · Min: 10 · Max: 20

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