Integral Mission and Theology in the African Context

WYP2462YF  L0101
Offered in Summer 2014  ·  New Course · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

This course is a deliberately cross-disciplinary* and exploration of Christian life, thought, and ministry in Africa. Students will combine reading and writing about African history and theology (with a professor of African Church History), living in an African village, working in a parish, and visiting and learning about the social issues surrounding the nearby mine. (with the help of a professor of international development).

In addition to a program of orientation and cross-cultural awareness, the students will complete an online course on African Church history and theology prior to traveling to north central Tanzania and the Anglican diocese of Tarime, where they will live for a month in an agricultural centre. There they will have lectures with Professor Akiri, talk to leaders of the Church and the Mother's Union, and young people.
Outcomes: (1) be able to integrate learnings from different disciplines, (2) grow in appreciation of the distinct contribution of the African Church to world Christianity (3) see one's own church better in its light.

*Pending approval from Theology and History Departments

Schedule: Irregular · Begins: · Ends:
Schedule Notes: This course is a combination of online, classroom work and international practicum
Instructors: David Kupp, R. Mwita Akiri, George R. Sumner
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Practicum
Other Information: First Semester · Two Credits
Enrollment Notes: This course is only available to those students already confirmed to participate in the Wycliffe College trip to Africa this summer. There is no open enrollment on ROSI.

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