Natural Theology and Evolutionary Theory in the Nineteenth Century

TRH2252HY  L6101
Offered in Summer 2011  ·  Previously offered in Summer 2010 · Online Course

This introductory course examines the influence of, and contemporary reaction to, natural theology, evolution theory, and Charles Darwin's "natural selection" theory, from the late eighteenth century until the Scopes Trial (1925). Although the course focuses on England and the United States, we will also make a tertiary examination of defenders and critics of natural theology, evolutionary theory, and natural selection theory in Continental Europe and Canada. Two short research summaries submitted online (40%), participation (20%), final exam submitted online (40%)

Schedule: Online Course · Begins: 05/05 · Ends: 07/28
Schedule Notes: May 5 to July 28; Thursdays
Instructors: John W. Clarke, Jr.
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Other Information: Full Year · One Credit · Min: 5 · Max: 15
Enrollment Notes: Withdrawal Deadline:  May 29, 2011

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