Advanced Degree Application Form

Application Instructions

  1. Please complete all sections of the Application Form. Submitting this form should be the first step in your application.
  2. The following materials are required for your application to be considered complete:
    1. Application fee of $100.00 CAD ($110 USD). Click here for payment options.
    2. Statement of intent outlining what aspects of theology you wish to study at TST. This statement should be specific enough to indicate that you would bring an appropriate level of insight and purpose to your studies, but it should not be so narrow that it raises concerns as to whether TST would be able to provide adequate resources and supervision. The statement should be a maximum of 500 words long.
    3. Writing sample: All students applying to a doctoral (ThD) program must submit, either electronically or by mail, a writing sample (e.g. essay, thesis) of between 30-75 pages demonstrating independent research and writing ability. This sample must be submitted electroinically, by email to Please use pdf format.
    4. Official transcripts of all post-secondary studies, to be sent directly by the institutions to the address below.
    5. Reference letters: two letters of academic reference to be sent directly to the address below. TST does not provide a letter of reference form but asks that referees write a letter in which they comment candidly on the candidates' academic qualifications to pursue and complete graduate studies.
    6. Fluency in English: An applicant whose first language is other than English must provide evidence of ability to comprehend, speak and write English at the graduate level. One of the following will constitute prima facie evidence of such ability. (1) Evidence of an earned degree from a recognized post-secondary institution where the language of instruction and examination is English. (2) A satisfactory result on the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Applicants requesting the transmittal of results should use the TST institution code 0655 and the department code 99. On the paper-based TOEFL, the minimum satisfactory score is 600 with a 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE). On the computer-based TOEFL, the minimum satisfactory score is 250. On the internet-based TOEFL, the minimum satisfactory total score is 100, with at least 22 on the Writing section and 22 on the Speaking section. (3) A grade of B in the advanced (level 60) Academic Preparation course in the English Language Program of the School of Continuing Studies of the University of Toronto, or equivalent standing at a comparable institution.
      Nevertheless, even where an applicant has met the above standards, the Admissions Committee of the ADC may require or consider additional evidence of fluency in English. Even after a student has been admitted to studies, the TST AD Director may require additional evaluation of the student's fluency in English and may prescribe a course of additional study in English as a foreign language. In this case, the student will withdraw without penalty from the courses in which he or she is registered. The TST AD Director is required to take action under this paragraph when requested by a student's doctoral supervisory committee or college AD Director, or by the professor of a course in which a student is enrolled.
  3. For all advanced degree programs, application may be made as early as November 1st and no later than January 9th. Late applications received on or before March 31st will be considered if space permits. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


  • TST does not consider applications requesting entrance into its programs at the mid-point of the academic year (January).

Please ensure that all admission materials are sent to the following address:

Professor Jaroslav Z. Skira
Director for Advanced Degree Programs
Toronto School of Theology
47 Queen's Park Crescent East
Toronto ON, Canada M5S 2C3

Application Form

Please read the instructions in the right-hand column of the form for help in completing the form.

*An asterisk next to a field indicates that you must fill in that field.

Important Note: Financial aid must be applied for separately from this application for admission. Please contact the college you have selected on this application for financial aid information and forms.

Personal Information
Current Address
Permanent Address
Please indicate your place of birth:

This information is collected for administrative purposes only. The information is not considered by the Admissions Committee.

Please indicate in which city and country you were born.

For your date of birth, the format for entering this information is "year-month-day" in numeric format. Thus if you were born on May 8, 1967 you would enter "1967-05-08."

Please indicate our country of citizenship. If you are not a Canadian citizen, please indicate in paranthesis whether you are a permanent resident of Canada.

Your place of birth, date of birth, and your citizenship are all required.

Section 2: Program Information

You are required to choose one of the programs, in one of the departments, at one of the TST colleges. You are also required to indicate if you are applying for part-time or full-time studies and whether you have applied to a TST Advanced Degree Program within the last two years.

Note: Th.M. Option II is a terminal degree and does not lead to doctoral studies at TST.

Section 3: Academic Background

Please list your post-secondary education, starting with the most recent.

Please provide us with all of your post-secondary school education information including the name of the institution, the years that you attended, your major subject and the year that you graduated and the degree you received.

Since you are required to have at least one post-secondary degree in order to be admitted to our Advanced Degree programs, part I of this section is required.


Language requirements vary from program to program. Please review the appropriate handbook for language requirements.

Letters of recommendation requested from

Please indicate the names of the individuals from whom you have requested academic letters of recommendation.
You are required to have two letters of academic reference sent directly to TST.

Additional Notes

Application Materials:

The following additional materials are necessary for your application to be considered complete.

Please place a mark in the box next to each one, indicating that you acknowledge that they will be sent and that your application will not be processed until the Toronto School of Theology has received all of the applications materials.

This section is very important as it refers to the additional materials needed to complete your application. You are required to acknowledge that you understand your application will not be processed until the Toronto School of Theology has received all of the applications materials. Please send these materials as soon as possible so as not to delay consideration of your application to the program.

Please ensure that all admission materials are sent to the following address:

Professor Jaroslav Z. Skira
Director for Advanced Degree Programs
Toronto School of Theology
47 Queen's Park Crescent East
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 2C3

(Before submitting, have you filled out all of the fields with asterisks next to them?)

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