Registration Information for Affiliated Institution Students Taking TST Courses

Students from TST Affiliate Institutions should seek the permission of their home institution to take a course at TST. Students should request a Letter of Permission from their home institution as early as possible. This Letter of Permission should be presented to the TST Registrar.  Students from TST Affiliates may only take courses with the prefix of EM, KN, SA, RG, SM, TR or WY.

Students will be required to complete an Affiliate College Student Registrations Form and send it, along with their letter of permission, to the TST Registrar and Manager of Academic Services.  This for is a fillable PDF (handwritten forms are not accepted), the fillable function cannot be accessed through Firefox, please use Internet Explorer or Chrom.  Registration in a course cannot take place until both documents have been received and is subject to space in the course.

During the Fall and Winter sessions (September through April), affiliated students pay their home institution for courses taken at TST. During the Summer Session (late April through August), however, tuition is payable to the TST college offering the course. Students should register for courses through the TST Registrar and will be provided with payment information upon receipt and processing of the Letter of Permission.

Pertinent information:

Contact information for the TST Registrar's Office

Map and location information for TST colleges

Tuition fees information

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