Affiliated & Related Institutions

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) has several important academic and ecumenical relationships that aid us in our mission of creating "an ecumenical environment for theological education".

TST's closest and most influential relationship is with the University of Toronto.

TST benefits significantly from sharing educational resources with its affiliated member schools, which also give us an even greater ecumenical richness.

Each of TST's member colleges is closely connected with a Christian denomination.

The TST sponsors the Centre for the Study of Ministry.

Among our member colleges, there are several centres, institutes and associations where many faculty members and students participate and interact with several academic institutions within and outside the University of Toronto.

We are in close conversation with the leaders of a proposed Jewish seminary, The Canadian Yeshiva and Rabbinical School, and we are also supporting several Canadian Muslim leaders as they develop programs of training for Imams.

The TST building is home to a variety of organizations, mostly faith-based. These organizations are not formally affiliated with TST, but their close proximity fosters an atmosphere of ecumenism and cooperation, and allows for the sharing of resources and fruitful interaction.

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