Diplomas, Certificates & Non-conjoint Degrees

Member colleges of the Toronto School of Theology offer a variety of specialized diplomas and certificates. Information about thes designations should be sought from the college offering the certificate or diploma. Click on the college names below for more information.

Emmanuel College

Diploma in Community and Health Ministries

Regis College

Certificate in Retreat Direction   
Diploma in Philosophical Studies
Master of Sacred Theology
Diploma in Eastern Christian Studies 
Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies   
Diploma in Lonergan Studies
Diploma in Spiritual Direction
Diploma in Spiritual Theology
Diploma in Theological Studies
Licentiate in Sacred Theology

St. Augustine's Seminary

Diploma in Theological Studies 
Diploma in Lay Ministry

University of St. Michael's College

Master of Arts in Catholic Leadership (a degree program)
Diploma in Religious Education  
Diploma in Theological Studies   
Diploma in Eastern Christian Studies

Master of Arts in Theology*
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology*

*Please note that while the MA and PhD are awarded by the University of St. Michael's College, each college offers programs leading to the awarding of these degrees and the programs are administered by the TST Advanced Degree Council. For admissions information, please contact the TST Advanced Degree Administrator.

Trinity College

Diploma in Ministry
Diploma in Theology

Wycliffe College

Diploma in Christian Studies
Certificate in Anglican Studies

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