Annual Report

The TST Annual Report summarizes the activities of the central offices of the Toronto School of Theology.

TST also publishes, each year, statistics on its enrolment across the federation in the form of an Enrolment Report.

We would love to hear feedback about our annual reports. If you have feedback about the Annual Report, or would like to discuss the report with someone, please contact the Director, Alan Hayes at If you would like to discuss the Enrolment Report, please contact the Registrar, Diane Henson at

File TST Enrolment Report 2013-14.pdf28/10/14 8:20 am349.34 KB
File TST Enrolment Report 2012-13.pdf28/10/14 8:21 am380.49 KB
File Enrolment Report 2011-12.pdf03/10/12 3:05 pm1.48 MB
File 2010-2011 Enrolment Report.pdf20/10/11 4:32 pm187.86 KB
File 2009 - 2012 Highlights Report.pdf27/04/11 11:33 am3.57 MB
File 2009-2010 Enrolment Report.pdf14/01/11 3:43 pm186.08 KB
File 2008-2009 Enrolment Report02/11/09 4:42 pm202.83 KB

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