Why TST?

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With a wide variety of programs (ten of them leading to degrees awarded conjointly with the University of Toronto), hundreds of courses, an ecumenical environment, interdisciplinary opportunities and a location in the midst of a vibrant, multicultural city, the Toronto School of Theology is a great choice for theological studies.

Ten Reasons to Study at TST

1.   Large size and diversity
The Toronto School of Theology (TST) and its member schools make up one of the largest ecumenical centres for theological education in the English-speaking world. The seven member schools and the 1500 students enroled within TST represent dozens of denominations and diverse theological and cultural traditions, creating unusually rich opportunities for theological conversation. On our doorstep is a university of over 80,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

2.   Fellowship
Although students are part of a sizable school in a very large university, you will find a smaller, more personal and very welcoming community within your "home college" within the TST. The home college provides not only fellowship but also worship services and other opportunities for spiritual growth, academic counsel, internships and field placements in settings of ministry (for its professional programs) and denominational connections.

3.   Programs for different purposes
TST offers programs and courses for a wide variety of educational purposes. We have over a dozen professional and academic degree programs, and some colleges offer diploma programs as well. We offer nearly 500 courses per year.

4.   Quality assurance
The excellence of our programs is carefully monitored and assured by external organizations. TST and its member schools are members of the Association for Theological Schools, which accredits theological schools across North America. Representatives of the University of Toronto participate on TST's Board of Trustees, academic councils and faculty appointments committees. Two if its advanced degree programs are approved by the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (OCGS) and a new program for institutional quality assurance is currently being developed under the aegis of the Council of Ontario Universities.

5.   Excellent library resources
TST students have full privileges in the University of Toronto Libraries. This is one of the five largest academic library systems in North America.

6.   University context
Our affiliation with the University of Toronto affords students a variety of services and resources, including a student bookstore and computer shop, a student union within Hart House, athletic centres, student housing, food services and coffee bars, a student newspaper and numerous campus organizations.

7.   Prestigious degrees
Ten of our degrees carry the international recognition and prestige of being conferred conjointly by the University of Toronto, which is ranked among the world's top universities.

8.   Cosmopolitan environment
TST is located in Toronto, Ontario, which is Canada's largest metropolis, and one of the world’s most diverse, multicultural and vibrant cities. Forty-nine percent of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada. For students in professional programs, the result is an enormous variety of potential placements in ministry.

9.   Affordable tuition
The cost of tuition at TST is affordable, even for non-Canadians, in comparison to American theological schools, and in comparison to Canadian theological schools that do not have a university connection.

10. Financial aid
TST member colleges can provide financial support for many students studying at both the basic and advanced degree levels.


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