Events hosted by TST and the TST Member Colleges are communicated in a number of ways. This website has a calendar page that lists events open to the TST community. TST has also created a listserv for upcoming events that may be of interest to theology students, faculty and staff.

The TSTEVENTS-L listserv will be used to announce:
* events hosted by TST and its member schools
* events hosted by outside organizations that are of significant interest to TST students
* news items from the TST and its member schools that are of interest to the wider TST community

The list is intended to increase communication within the TST by allowing interested persons to receive information from all seven member colleges plus TST. The listserv is open to other interested persons such as alumni of TST colleges and students of U of T and TST's affiliated colleges. Subscribers may send messages to the listserv, but each message is moderated by the listowner to prevent misuse or overuse. The listserv is not a discussion forum.

How to Subscribe

You must subscribe from your own e-mail account. (Please subscribe from your U of T email account, if you have one.) The LISTSERV software extracts your e-mail address from the e-mail message you send then uses this address to distribute mail to you.

To subscribe to the listserv, send an e-mail message to In the BODY of the message type a command of the form:

subscribe TSTEVENTS-L your firstname your lastname
example: subscribe TSTEVENTS-L John Smith

More Information

Further information (e.g. how to digest the messages, how to unsubscribe, how to contact the listowner) can be found here:

To send an event announcement to the listserv, email . Please note that you should compose your email in exactly the format you would like to see it appear in the email.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Bardeggia, TST Office Assistant, at or (416) 978-4039.

AD Listserv and Faculty Listserv

Please note that there are two other listservs within TST, one for faculty members and one for AD students. The AD listserv is for the purpose of official communication to AD students, AD faculty and the AD Office. Students will be automatically subscribed by the AD office. Faculty members who would like to join the AD listserv should follow the above instructions, but subscribe to TSTS-L.

If you are experiencing any difficulties or have any questions about the AD listserv, please contact Jenn Neufeld, Advanced Degree Administrator ( 

Faculty members who would like to join the faculty listserv should contact the TST Registrar, Diane Henson ( Members of the faculty listserv can send an email to the listserv. To do so, email TSTFACULTY-L@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA .

AD students and faculty members who would also like to receive general events announcements should also subscribe to the events listserv. 


If you have any questions about any of the above three listservs, please email .

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