Israel-Sinai, People, Story, Land

TRH2641HS  L4101
Offered in Winter 2015  ·  Previously offered in Summer 2013 · Israel Site

On-site study of Israel, studying the people, the story and the land of Israel as it can be known by history, archeology, anthropology, liturgy, and social study.   Please note that for reason of personal security the group will not visit Sinai in 2015. The trip is scheduled for February 11 - 23, 2015.  Separate payment is required for meals, accommodation and travel, amount to be established. For more information, please see attached brochure.

Schedule: Irregular · Begins: · Ends:
Schedule Notes: February 11 - 23, 2015
Instructors: David Neelands
Other Information: Second Semester · One Credit

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