Law, Ethics, and Society

EMT3873HF  L0101
Offered in Fall 2011  ·  New Course · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

The seminar will undertake to study the Islamic Legal Theory (usul al-fiqh) and Practice (fiqh) in conjunction with Islamic ethics, which serves as an integral part of the juridical tradition of Islam. The sources of law like the Qur'an, the Tradition (Sunna), Consensus (Ijma'), Analogy (qiyas) and Reason ('aql) will be examined in connection with the process by which legal decisions in Islam are made. The course will provide an opportunity to students of comparative ethics and law to learn about one of the well-developed religious-ethical systems in Abrahamic traditions. In addition, this course will offer a study of interaction between faith and history in Islam which has impacted upon the development of ethical-legal judgments in the Shariʿa. Assessment: Reading papers, book reviews, and a final paper.

AD students enrol in EMT6873HF.

Schedule: Tuesday, 14:00 to 16:00
Other Information: First Semester · One Credit

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