The Long Scottish Reformation, 1510-1710

KNH3201HF  L0101
Offered in Fall 2012  ·  New Course · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

The course will look at developments in Scotland during the Reformation era. The failure of early attempts at reformation, both Lutheran and Catholic, will be discussed as will the eventual success of a model of reformation derived from Calvin's Geneva. The course will look at the evolution of this vision within Scotland and the nature of the reformed Church of Scotland. The course will continue up through the seventeenth century and will look at what scholars are beginning to see as a second reformation. Lectures, seminar discussions. Class participation; primary document study; major research essay. 

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Schedule: Wednesday, 19:00 to 21:00
Instructors: Stuart Macdonald
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Other Information: First Semester · One Credit

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