Ministry Integration Seminar
College: Emmanuel College
Instructor 1: Ross, Janet L.R.
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First Semester
One Credit
Toronto (St George Campus)

This course is an opportunity for students to practice integrating their pastoral, practical experience (congregational leadership, supervised internship and/or site placement) with their more theoretical learnings from previous course work. With instructors, teaching assistants and classmates, each student will identify where their experience has helped them identify gaps in their preparation for ministry. Students will be encouraged to understand that the questions and feelings that present themselves at the intersection of what ministry asks of them and what they do not yet have to offer, are guides leading to new learning and growth. Attending to these feelings and questions is a life-long exercise. As part of a community of active learning, each student will be supported in identifying focused learning needs and developing pathways to address those needs. Using the perspective that every learner is a teacher, and every teacher is a learner, each student will make a class presentation and participate in collaborative communal education through group discussion and peer learning groups. Individual learning will be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Through these means, students will practice the integration of theoretical and practical theological activity that will further equip them to offer resilient, adaptive, vibrant leadership in ministry. Evaluation: class presentation, attendance, assignments, final paper.  Prerequisite: EMF 3020Y Contextual Education.

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Fall 2014
Fall 2013
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