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Archives of the TST academic handbooks are posted here. If you do not find the year for which you are searching, please contact the Advanced Degree Administrator for advanced degree handbooks, or the TST Registrar and Manager of Academic Services for basic degree handbooks.

File Archive_BD Handbook 13-14.pdf23/07/14 7:20 pm459.59 KB
File Archived_BDHandbook 12-13 Final.pdf20/08/13 10:55 am421.01 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2011-12.pdf30/08/12 2:51 pm371.66 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2010-11.pdf30/08/11 11:49 am348.22 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2009-2010.pdf31/07/09 11:37 am265.05 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2008-2009.pdf24/08/09 10:51 am254.71 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2007-2008.pdf24/08/09 10:51 am186.3 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2006-2007.pdf24/08/09 10:51 am486.97 KB
File MAHandbook 2012-2013.pdf04/09/13 3:45 pm175.04 KB
File ThMHandbook 2012-2013.pdf04/09/13 3:45 pm192.23 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook 2012-2013.pdf04/09/13 3:45 pm322.73 KB
File MAHandbook 2011-2012_for_web.pdf03/09/12 6:33 pm222.85 KB
File ThMHandbook 2011-2012_for_web.pdf03/09/12 6:33 pm245.34 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook 2011-2012_for_web.pdf03/09/12 6:34 pm421.25 KB
File MAHandbook 2010-2011_for_web.pdf01/03/12 2:12 pm152.7 KB
File ThMHandbook 2010-2011_for_web.pdf01/03/12 2:12 pm166.65 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook 2010-2011_for_web.pdf01/03/12 2:12 pm418.06 KB
File MAHandbook_09-10_20090805.pdf05/08/09 5:03 pm219.88 KB
File ThMHandbook_09-10_20090805.pdf05/08/09 5:14 pm241.59 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook_09-10_20090805.pdf05/03/10 3:22 pm414.46 KB
File DMin_Handbook_2009_20091216.pdf16/12/09 4:08 pm366.39 KB
File DMin_Handbook_2012.pdf19/06/12 12:13 pm426.78 KB
File DMin 2010 Handbook.pdf18/11/13 10:36 am283.82 KB
File Print Copy 2011 Handb.pdf19/11/13 2:53 pm331.83 KB
File DMin_Handbook_2013 final.pdf10/06/14 1:17 pm437.19 KB

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