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Archives of the TST academic handbooks are posted here. If you do not find the year for which you are searching, please contact the Advanced Degree Office (tstadv.degree@utoronto.ca) for advanced degree handbooks, or the TST Registrar (diane.henson@utoronto.ca) for basic degree handbooks.

File Archived_BDHandbook 12-13 Final.pdf20/08/13 10:55 am421.01 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2011-12.pdf30/08/12 2:51 pm371.66 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2010-11.pdf30/08/11 11:49 am348.22 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2009-2010.pdf31/07/09 11:37 am265.05 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2008-2009.pdf24/08/09 10:51 am254.71 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2007-2008.pdf24/08/09 10:51 am186.3 KB
File Archive_BDHandbook_2006-2007.pdf24/08/09 10:51 am486.97 KB
File MAHandbook 2012-2013.pdf04/09/13 3:45 pm175.04 KB
File ThMHandbook 2012-2013.pdf04/09/13 3:45 pm192.23 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook 2012-2013.pdf04/09/13 3:45 pm322.73 KB
File MAHandbook 2011-2012_for_web.pdf03/09/12 6:33 pm222.85 KB
File ThMHandbook 2011-2012_for_web.pdf03/09/12 6:33 pm245.34 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook 2011-2012_for_web.pdf03/09/12 6:34 pm421.25 KB
File MAHandbook 2010-2011_for_web.pdf01/03/12 2:12 pm152.7 KB
File ThMHandbook 2010-2011_for_web.pdf01/03/12 2:12 pm166.65 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook 2010-2011_for_web.pdf01/03/12 2:12 pm418.06 KB
File MAHandbook_09-10_20090805.pdf05/08/09 5:03 pm219.88 KB
File ThMHandbook_09-10_20090805.pdf05/08/09 5:14 pm241.59 KB
File ThDPhDHandbook_09-10_20090805.pdf05/03/10 3:22 pm414.46 KB
File DMin_Handbook_2009_20091216.pdf16/12/09 4:08 pm366.39 KB
File DMin_Handbook_2012.pdf19/06/12 12:13 pm426.78 KB
File DMin 2010 Handbook.pdf18/11/13 10:36 am283.82 KB
File Print Copy 2011 Handb.pdf19/11/13 2:53 pm331.83 KB

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